VeroDalla’s Contribution To The Château De Blérancourt

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Verodalla's LivenLuLu figure

VeroDalla‘s LivenLulu

Château De Blérancourt Silent Auction

VeroDalla participated in the American Friends of Blérancourt Silent Auction, on November 10th. Her creative ‘LivenLuLu’ figure was sold in order to contribute to the Château de Blérancourt. These auctions greatly support renovations and future construction work of this unique place located in Picardie, France.

The French National Museum is dedicated to:

“[…] documenting the political, social and cultural contacts between the two countries, and particularly how they have viewed each other over three centuries. It is unique in that it is the only French National Museum dedicated to France’s relationship to another country. The collections include paintings, sculptures, prints, drawings, and photographs, documents, and memorabilia.

We collaborate with the Curator and the Direction des Musées de France (DMF) to develop the Museum and help it to realize its full potential by providing financial support for the renovation and expansion of the buildings, development of an advanced audio-visual program and landscaping of the grounds. We also offer exclusive trips and visits to private châteaux, gardens and art collections, we organize benefits, lectures and other events, produce promotional materials and publish a semi-annual newsletter.”

Silent Auction of Blérancourt



Verodalla, A Creative French Artist

Verodalla is a sculptural artist from Beane, in the heart of Burgundy’s grands crus, who is setting up her atelier in New York City. Her LivenLuLu figures are a reflection of the best in each of us. Alouette helps organize openings to promote her work. We also worked together to develop a business plan to best approach the American art market.

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