Taste of France Map

The second Taste of France show, held in Bryant Park on September 28-29, 2013, was a big success, with 100,000+ visitors on a beautiful autumn weekend. It was the largest event in the world dedicated to promoting France and her art de vivre.

Visitors experienced France in a new way, through events and programs exploring the diversity of the French world:

  • Cuisine – over 30 French chefs from Les MaÎtres Cuisiniers and the Académie Culinaire de France presented regional specialties with wine and spirits pairings;
  • Lifestyle & Culture – a language theater to brush up your français, arts displays, educational programs for kids, complimentary hair and beauty treatments by L’Oréal and Clarins;
  • Fun – a French Bulldog Show and Hot Air Balloon;
  • Tourism – France is the most visited country in the world:  regional organizations transport you beyond Paris and Versailles (as much as we love them);
  • Technology and Innovation – new technologies derived from France’s position as a world leader in innovation, research and development, including the inside of a Boeing and Airbus engine, a 3-D presentation on the construction of Paris by Dassault Systèmes and master craftsmen from Les Métalliers Champenois created metal rosettes employing the technique of “repoussage”.

Alouette was pleased to prepare the Taste of France Map for the show, representing over 120 exhibitors and its many events.

View the map.