Surgeons of Hope

We are very proud of the Surgeons of Hope’s new website and honored to be working with such an outstanding organization.

Due to the complexity of pediatric heart disease, successful treatment depends on advanced medical facilities and highly trained medical professionals, rarely available in developing countries. SOH has developed a sustainable strategy to provide care to children in need of heart surgery on three fronts: giving urgently needed care, cultivating skills in local medical teams, and constructing centers of care in developing countries.


The website:

  • Showcases the Foundation’s branding to promote its mission and values;
  • Features a compelling design that appeals to a targeted audience;
  • Provides for easy navigation with improved content structure and architecture;
  • Streamlines the donation section;
  • Allows access by mobile devices;
  • Features prominent gala sign-up, PayPal, Eventbee and credit card integration; connectivity with Facebook and Twitter, embedded video content, Google analytics, and compatibility with etapestry, so subscribers’ information can pass directly into the database.