Journal of International Student Recruitment v21

The mission of ELS Educational Services is to enable international student mobility by creating pathways that help talented scholars apply to, attend, succeed, and graduate from the finest institutions worldwide, thus multiplying the creativity, knowledge, and understanding that improves quality of life for all. ELS partners with US higher education institutions to provide comprehensive services that raise awareness about their diversity, programs, and value, while providing a variety of options to its partners.

In Alouette’s 21st volume of the Journal of International Student Recruitment, we describe the growing popularity and benefits of community and junior colleges for international students and we welcome Africa to our emerging markets coverage. Along with guidance on how to internationalize one’s campus, we introduce the new Soft Landing Program, a comprehensive approach to facilitating international student transitions. We also proudly announce this year’s Many Languages, One World® Student Essay contest.

As in every issue, which is distributed to over 20k university presidents and administrators around the world, we strive to offer relevant information that keeps readers informed about news and trends in international student recruitment.