Éiny Time Volume 5 Spring 2014

The Ecole Internationale de New York celebrated its five-year anniversary in 2014, which coincided with the fifth edition of Éiny-Time, the school’s combination brochure and yearbook.

This issue features a new design, more grown-up, reflecting the opening of Le Collège, or International Middle School, starting with the 6th Grade (CM3); the 7th Grade will be added in September and the 8th in 2015.

We especially hope you enjoy the cover photo of the 6th grade atop the Brooklyn Bridge, as well as the additional photos and quotes from teachers throughout, as much as the school’s director and founder, Yves Rivaud, who said: “Merci beaucoup for the great work that is paying back after your combined efforts and expertise! They look awesome and very professional.”

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