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Nora Armani

Hate the crowds on Black Friday? Find Cyber Monday mindless? Weary of consumerism for it  own sake?

Then #GivingTuesday is for you and for your soul! This is a time to be generous and encourage bigger and better ideals. Read about them at

Help SR Socially Relevant Film Festival fulfill its mission of becoming a platform for socially relevant film content and human interest stories that educate, enlighten and inspire – while entertaining! Help bring a better world to people who need it most, through the powerful medium of cinema. Please donate generously today, on #GivingTuesday.

There are several ways you may donate:

1. If you would like to benefit from a tax deduction, please use our fiscal sponsor online, Fractured Atlas;
2. If the deduction is not essential for you, please donate through GoFundMe;
3. To donate by check, made payable to “Pemart Productions” or to “Fractured Atlas for Pemart Productions” to claim the tax deduction, mail to:
SR Socially Relevant Film Festival
80 La Salle Street, #16H
New York, NY 10027


THANK YOU!SR Socially Relevant

We thank our past supporters, funders, and donors of time, goods and cash, who made the SR journey so far possible. #GivingTuesday is a global movement to make the yearend more impactful. It offers an opportunity to support a program that serves filmmakers, educators, students, the general movie-going public and more

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