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We are pleased to offer you the first edition of Inside Scoop – Pierre Fabre USA and hope you enjoy it. Its purpose is to share with you company news and events across the country and your contributions are welcome. Please send your ideas for articles or feedback on this issue to me at

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–Kristen Ryan, Editor

National Sales Meeting

January 3-6, 2012 Las Vegas, NV

2012 started out under the Las Vegas lights for Pierre Fabre USA, setting high expectations for the coming year and bringing everyone together in order to revive the contagious team spirit. It was with much anticipation we welcomed our new CEO, Laurent Saffre. Following his lead and trusting in his passion as well as extensive history with the company everyone there was re-affirmed and full of energy. As we watched Laurent orchestrate the direction of our meeting and introduce himself with authenticity and transparency it set the tone for an enthusiastic and integrative meeting.

With everyone returning from the winter holidays and celebrations, Las Vegas was the perfect atmosphere to kick things off. Everyone including our dispensing & retail teams, Rene Furterer reps, back office support, and Henderson employees had the chance to break bread together and learn a little bit about the different ways in which we all contribute to the success of the US Pierre Fabre group.

Visiting the manufacturing facility provided everyone with a great opportunity to see and take pride in all of the hard work that goes into production and formulating our effective and professional line of products. Lavish dinners and award ceremony topped off the excitement and noted those within our team who go above and beyond!

Welcome/Bienvenue New Hires

This year we also have some wonderful additions to the Pierre Fabre USA family who have all made such a difference and continue to do so every day. Our new 2012 team members include:

70th Annual AAD Meeting

March16-20, 201 San Diego, CA

Pierre Fabre USA debuted a fresh new look for their convention booth at the 70th Annual American Academy of Dermatology Meeting in San Diego, California. Modern, clean furniture along with sharp visuals elevated the overall look and feel of the Pierre Fabre USA presence. The AAD meeting marked the launch of Avène's Antirougeurs FORT and CALM and Glytone's Enerpeel EL on the US market sparking excitement and generating buzz.

Taking technology to the forefront of the booth, iPads were utilized to capture attendee's information while instantly sharing product information and clinical results for both the Avène and Glytone brands. An interactive tester station showcased the brands' products prompting inquiries and enhancing the experience at the booth. With record-breaking attendance, dermatologists from over 79 countries visited the Pierre Fabre booth. For the first time, communication was shared related to the forthcoming Infantile Hemangioma launch planned for 2013. Sales over $145,000 USD during the convention marked a +326% increase over 2011 thanks to tremendous team collaboration.

–Jacqueline Flam

Rene Furterer – Art & Science of Hair

Frank Barbossa "Celebrity Stylist" Avanti Salon on Newbury Street

Where: Avanti Salon on Newbury Street, Boston, MA
When: Monday, July 23rd from 10-4
Who attended: roughly 27 people were there from the following salons and their level

Avanti (Gold), Avanti South (Silver), Roffi (Silver), Acote (Silver), Patrice Vinci (Silver), Studio One (Silver), Salon Navid (Relocated account), Beautique on the Ave (NAO), Salon Elan (NAO), Indra Salon (Prospect).

"We had a good range of clients who used this in lieu of the class at DPT, ones who needed to be reinvigorated about the brand, and new clients to show a different side of Rene Furterer."

We called the event "The Art and Science of Hair dressing." Violet started off the day with an hour presentation on the new products we have developed and the science that was in them. She showed videos on the new Tonucia, Forticia, and Curbicia, then went over the benefits of Okara Active light and the point of difference between the two Okara's. While she was doing this the Style Team was in back prepping the models. Once Violet was done we had lunch.

After lunch the Style team brought out one or two models at a time and started creating looks while interacting with the stylists. Frankie and Pablo created at least two looks for the six models that we had. He and his team spoke well, answering all questions and going into why he uses Rene Furterer over any other brand to create these looks. They showcase the products without sounding like a sales team and really got through to many of the stylists.

I heard back from almost all of the attendees by now and the general consensus is: "That was the best class I ever took!" and "When are you having another one?" I would say overall the class went amazing and the salon we chose to use was also great because they carry the full line of Rene Furterer. It gave the rest of the clients to see how if all looked on a actual retail shelf and see what they may be missing from their own collection. I will keep you updated on how this affects the next orders these clients put in and the new products they bring in because of the class.

–Katie Dulong & Violet DaCosta


June 2–4th, 2012

ASCO is one of the premiere oncology meetings of the year which Pierre Fabre Pharmaceutics was sure to have a presence at. There we were able to connect with our French colleagues and had a chance to visit the Pierre Fabre display. Though we did not have regulatory approval to promote Navelbine, our French colleagues were able to meet with our international physician audience. We also had the opportunity to meet up with our key wholesalers and distributors. This was a great way to continue to build key relationships for Pierre Fabre Pharmaceuticals.

PF Pharma News – New Business Unit

The Pierre Fabre Pharmaceutical division has gotten off to a great start. The division achieved a couple of key milestones this month, by kicking off the first ever US market research on infantile Hemangioma with our key physician audience. We also signed a working agreement with IMS to supply the initial data we need to start our field force and customer development and finally we are set to have market access research conducted at the AMCP in October.

New Product Launch

A new product, Klorane Make-up Remover Wipes, was launched at a PR event with Karen Oliver & Associates at the New York Horticultural Society in New York on May 30, 2012. Considering that 80,000 tons of make-up wipes were disposed of last year, the fact that the Klorane wipes are biodegradable is an additional plus for the environment.

Social Summit

June 13th, 2012 Hudson Hotel, New York, NY

For Pierre Fabre USA's 1st Annual Social Summit employees from all areas of the company including Marketing, Sales, Finance, IT, Education, Regulatory Affairs and Management joined together to learn more about social media marketing. The subsidiary partnered with its digital agency, Indelible, for a thought-provoking day prepared by experts in the field. Employees learned how to effectively leverage different social media platforms to complement traditional marketing initiatives, especially when targeting Generation Y.

"As social media in the United States is revolutionizing the way that consumers are interacting with brands and making purchasing decisions, Pierre Fabre USA's dermo-cosmetic brands are committed to strengthening their presence on these platforms to build more meaningful relationships with their consumers," said Jacqueline Flam, director of the subsidiary's Digital Marketing programs. "Having a team that is educated and well-informed is critical to our success in this ever-changing medium," she added. Platforms that were focused on include Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and Instagram. As social media is rapidly evolving, the subsidiary plans to organize annual seminars for employees to be educated on new and emerging platforms.

Summer Party PF USA

June 15, 2012 Mini Golf, Wayne, NJ

This year PF USA held a summer party to celebrate the season and everyone's hard work as well as François Viargues' graduation from Columbia University with his MBA. Big congratulations to François for his dedication and perseverance!

With a competitive round of mini golf we teamed up to win prizes, play mini golf, and enjoy each other's company outside of the office. We also celebrated April, May, and June birthdays with a lovely cake and buffet style Italian cuisine.

Brainstorming Strategy & Objectives

July 9-11, 2012 Hudson Hotel, New York, NY

Pierre Fabre wanted to get a jump start on planning for next year and the brainstorming meeting was an excellent approach. The brainstorming meeting was a three-day meeting held at the Hudson Hotel. We brought our upper management, marketing, and training, selected sales representatives and Dr. Janice Lima, highly respected dermatologist from the Miami, FL area who is a crucial part of our team. It was truly important to make sure we got ideas from all ends of the spectrum. There were discussions of new launches, promotions, free gift ideas and over all thoughts on how to improve our brand marketing and efficiency as a company in the coming years.

What was particularly interesting was Dr. Lima's professional expertise and knowledge. She shared with us her views on our marketing, product development, as well as sales technique and suggestions for the world of sales in dermo-cosmetics.

Although this was an interesting and productive meeting, it was important to set aside some time for fun! We wanted to make sure that everyone knows they are all individually the crucial ingredients and make-up of our team. We took this opportunity to have a cooking party and together Pierre Fabre USA whipped up a full course dinner including raviolis, salad, and some sweet deserts!

All and all, from meeting to eating it was a great success!

–Jessica Nichols

Dispensing Sales Meeting

August 6-10, 2012 Chicago, IL

The Dispensing Sales Team is unique to the US market, in that team members call upon physicians, who purchase products to "dispense" directly or re-sell to their patients. Approximately 35–40 sales reps and members of the marketing team attended the Hollywood style meeting, with a red-carpet launch of six new products, held in the Peninsula Hotel. Fun awards were given for best face, smile, strongest face, etc.

A featured product was Glytone, a physician prescribed complete renewal system that utilizes the benefits of retinaldehyde, free glycolic acid and hdyroquinone to help reduce the appearance of hyper-pigmentation, sun spots and fine lines and wrinkles.

Dr. Cherie Ditre, a dermatologist and professor at the University of Pennsylvania and the #1 specialist in chemo-exfoliation, was the guest speaker. She gave an educational and entertaining presentation, including demonstrating chemical peels. To view Dr. Ditre in action, she gives a sample cosmetic skin consultation on YouTube.

Everyone left the meeting excited and motivated.

–Connie Poulos

Rene Furterer Sales Meeting August 27-29, 2012 Savannah, GA

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October Regional Sales Meetings for Dispensing (Dates & Times TBD)

National Sales Meeting January 2-5, 2013 Las Vegas!

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CalDerm California Dermatology September 21-23, 2012 Monterey, CA

ASDS American Society for Dermatologic Surgery October 11-14, 2012 Atlanta, GA

ASPSN American Society for Plastic Surgery Nurses October 23-29, 2012 New Orleans, LA